Schools Programme

Vodafone Events Centre 

In 2020, more than 32,400 children and young people attended or participated in events, programmes, competitions, concerts, graduations, and other activities held at the venue. The Schools Programme’s Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) workshops and events are FREE and participated by over 11,200 students from almost 50 schools mostly from the Auckland region. The total number of students is 233% of the target set by the Ministry of Education. (Based on LEOTC Contract Year January to December 2020).

Arts organisations such as the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Atamira Dance Company, Pacifica Arts Centre, Storylines, and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra worked hard with our team at Vodafone Events Centre and made the best use of the resources and the situation. The Ministry of Education opened the opportunity for us to work in the digital arts and offer online content.

We contributed to Māori achieving educational success and lifting Pasifika students’ achievement and performance. We are the only venue offering regular performing arts workshops and activities delivered by professional Māori artists and artisans using Te Reo for instruction. The Schools Programme also collaborated with the Royal New Zealand Ballet to provide customised experiences for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders and special needs.

The Community Good value invested by the Schools Programme through the events centre is more than $565,000.

Vector Wero Whitewater Park 

In 2020, over 12,300 students from almost 110 schools have joined our white water and water safety programmes delivered in partnership with Water Safety NZ, Aktive Auckland Sport & Recreation, CLM Community Sport, John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams and other organisations.

We delivered a South Auckland Drowning Prevention Programme for 2,500 men and women from the Pasifika and Asian communities with special funding from Trillian Trust. The park also welcomes paraplegic and people living with disabilities and makes sure that accessible activities are always on offer.

Community Good value invested through Vector Wero for 2020 is more than $763,000.

Child Protection Policy 

Our Child Protection Policy is part of our commitment to keep children safe when participating in a programme in any of our venues. We have policies and systems in place that include:

  1. Child Protection Policy

  2. Police Vetting of Staff

  3. Risk Analysis and Management Systems

  4. Health and Safety Policy

  5. Accident and Incident Register

  6. Event Safety Plan

Click here to read and download our Child Protection Policy.