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Waka Pacific Climb - Coming Soon

Waka Pacific Climb is a proprietary climbing system developed in Germany by Kristallturm (a world leader in the design and production of high ropes courses) with uncompromised safety. 

The galvanised steel structure will rise 16 meters and comprise 78 climbing elements ranging in difficulty levels and design. Many of the individual activities on the climbing frame will be themed in Māori mythological stories designed in consultation with local Tainui iwi representatives. It will include a giant swing, trust jump, pole walk staircase and a "walk the plank" confidence course all of which will be accomplished while the participant is safely double harnessed to guide wires. The activities, being intertwined with the cultural elements, will make Waka Pacific Climb truly unique. 

Youth will learn the stories of those before us and the challenges that our predecessors accepted and conquered while they too accept challenge and conquer it. All ages and fitness levels will be able to participate in this attraction.

We are making great progress towards the opening of Waka Pacific Climb, with foundations already completed.

Every $1.00 invested in Waka Pacific Trust results in $3.30 returned to New Zealand.

Social Return on Investment


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